Jewelry Care

Currently, our jewelry is made with a base metal of either stainless steel, sterling silver, or brass

Stainless Steel

Our new jewels are 18k gold plated on stainless steel with an added PVD coating meaning it is more resistant and the color will not easily change with regular wear. Stainless steel does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic (will not turn your skin green)  

To prolong the beauty of your jewels: 

  • avoid contact with harsh chemicals (perfumes, lotions, hairspray, etc.) 

  • store separately to avoid scratching & clean and shine gently with a soft cloth to remove dirt 

Though our stainless pieces can be worn in the shower, it is important to note that any metal that is not solid gold can be susceptible to fading. However, with proper care, gold plated stainless steel can last 2+ years. We recommend you remove your jewelry prior to swimming/ showering & exercising as much as possible. Properly dry jewels after getting wet.


Majority of our pearl jewelry are made of genuine freshwater pearls. Pearls are delicate and precious in nature, so it is important to remove your pearl jewelry before showering/swimming, avoid harsh chemicals such as perfumes and lotions and clean with a soft cloth.

Gold Plated Brass

  • Remove jewelry before swimming, showering, or doing sports activities. Avoid contact with chemicals. 

  • Wear your jewelry after your lotion or spray has been absorbed into the skin. 

  • Clean your jewelry after every use with a soft cloth or cotton ball.